About Me

In recent years I have ventured into the Apuan Alps, the mountains of northern Italy, Scotland and Iceland, environments to which I am very attached and which I feel I can define as “home”. This continuous desire to explore has given life to my photographic project “Noah – the soul of the Earth”, the goal is to photograph the most geographically extreme points of the planet to try to touch people’s hearts, I want to try to convey those emotions that nature, however harsh and wild, can give us. The project is not yet in the script phase so if you want to know more or want to collaborate, I invite you to visit the official website of the project www.noahphotoproject.com .

My name is Marcello Niccodemi, I am a nature and landscape photographer

My passion for photography born in 2015 during my frequent travels. I visited many cities and I liked the urban contexts, especially the nocturnal ones, which were the protagonists of most of my photographs.

In 2018 I began to have my first experiences in the mountains and in the Nordic landscapes, moving further and further away from the city and like me, my photography did it too, starting to transform into what it is today. I like the details, I love shooting that single ray of light that illuminates a mountain, the texture of the ice or the colors of a crater, using the telephoto lens is essential for me, it helps me get in touch with that single element of the landscape.

In the following years I let myself be pervaded by this passion and I decided to make it a job, so I opened FRAME photo lab, a small photography studio in my home country, where I regularly carry out commercial photography services and Fine Art prints.


Press and pubblication:

  • n#168 Foto Cult mag.
  • n#990 Top Poster mag.
  • n#189 Foto Cult mag.
  • n#40 Artells mag. 
  • Interview for Muse World
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